An avulsion is a medical term used to describe an injury which forcibly detaches part of the body from the rest of the body. This can happen either during trauma or surgery.


What Is Nail Avulsion?

When we talk about nail avulsion then, it’s a way to describe the removal of the nail, or part of the nail, from the toes or hands.

As podiatrists, we sometimes need to perform a full or partial nail avulsion to help the nail recover properly.


Are There Different Kinds Of Nail Avulsion?

There are 2 kinds of nail avulsion: partial nail avulsion and full nail avulsion.

A partial nail avulsion is where only part of the nail is removed, along with the underlying tissue.

A full nail avulsion is where the entire nail plate is removed.


When Do You Need A Partial Nail Avulsion? 

Ingrown toenails could be caused by a variety of different factors, such as:

  • Genetic causes
  • Poor choice of footwear
  • Fungal nail infection
  • Incorrect nail trimming technique
  • Injury or trauma

A partial nail avulsion is a common solution for an ingrown toenail which recurs often. A minor surgical procedure is undertaken to remove a portion of the nail along with some underlying tissue.

A chemical is then applied to the nail root during the procedure, which will usually permanently prevent the offending portion of the nail from growing again.

This procedure is usually done with a local anaesthetic.

Recovery from a partial nail avulsion is quick and many people experience no or minimal discomfort after the procedure is complete.


When Do You Need A Full Nail Avulsion?

A full nail avulsion may be required for very severe cases of ingrown toenails, deformed toenails, or severe trauma to the nail area.

A local anaesthetic is recommended for this procedure.

Most patients have a healing process of 3-6 weeks. You may be required to attend follow up appointments to check and re-dress the affected toenail in the weeks following the procedure.


If you’ve experienced recurring problems with ingrown toenails, or have painful toenail injuries, speak to our podiatrists in Sydney today.

We can assess your condition and find the best solution for you, whether it is ingrown toenail surgery or something else.

Book an appointment today and help your feet on the road to recovery.


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