Please find below our scheduled podiatry fees for all our services. We accept Cash, EFTPOS, AMEX and credit card payments. We also accept private health insurance; patients should always check their policies and rebate level before attending their appointments for a more accurate figure of out of pocket expenses. We have supplied relevant item codes to each appointment and should that not all health funds are the same and item codes may vary.


Consultation Consultation Fee Private Health Insurance Code
Initial Consultation
20 minutes $85004
Initial fungal toenail assessment $85004
Initial ingrown toenail treatment without local anaesthetic $85004
Initial ingrown toenail treatment with local anaesthetic $120004
Biomechanical Assessment
Visual Gait Analysis, footwear assessment, assessment for orthotic therapy$120004 and 118*
Foot Scan for both feet $40301 (Left) and 301 (Right)
Partial Nail Avulsion/Nail Surgery
1 Toe 1 side $350546
1 Toe 2 side $400546
2 Toes 1 side$700546 x2
2 Toes 2 sides $800546x2
1 toenail $100
2 toenails $150
Extra toenails: please contact clinic
1 pair custom made orthotics $420221 and 221
2 pairs custom made orthotics $720221 and 221
1 pair prefabricated orthotics $250267

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