Put your feet in good hands

Treat your feet to a medical pedicure

We rely on our feet every day, but often we don’t give them the care they deserve.

A quick lick of nail polish and foot scrub in a rushed nail salon is not the best way to take care of our feet. 

But if you go to a Podiatrist you can give your feet the treatment they need and ensure any niggles are taken care of before they develop into bigger problems.

A medical pedicure is your chance for that regular ‘check-up’, when a trained podiatrist will look after everything from dry skin to discoloured nails, callouses to corns, all in the hygienic setting of a medical clinic.

You will emerge with hydrated heels and polished nails, as well as feet that positively glow with health.

What is a medical pedicure?

It’s more than cosmetics

Podiatry isn’t beauty, it’s health. 

One of the main ways medical pedicures differ from the nail salon variety is that Podiatrists can spot health problems that a beautician is not trained to notice. This might be a growing fungal problem or a structural issue related to bad footwear.

When most people think of pedicures, they imagine nail polish and mood music. But podiatrists are real medical professionals who will evaluate your feet and help you with longstanding problems to give you a better quality of life.

At busy spas, it can often be difficult to maintain hygienic foot baths and fully sterilised tools, and even some of the treatments can be harmful to your foot health.

However, our scrupulous professionals maintain the highest levels of hygiene and are trained to spot potential problems before they develop, so you have the healthiest feet to carry you through life.

Why choose a medical pedicure?

Unlike the pedicure you get at your local nail salon, a medical pedicure – or medi pedi – is performed by Podiatrists, so you can sit back and relax, knowing your feet are in the best hands.

It goes beyond cosmetics and cover-ups. A medical pedicure is a much more thorough treatment that focuses on the health of your feet and treating common ailments, including:

We have all the right tools, equipment, and clinical experience, and there is nothing we have not seen in our many years of practice.

 We give our patients the detailed and attentive treatment they would expect from any other professional medical service.   

We go one step further than a nail salon

A full podiatric assessment of your feet, skin and toenails

Buffing away of any toenail debris

Removal of all dead skin and buffing of the feet with a water spray drill

Removal of blisters, corns and ingrown toenails

Removal of all calluses and restoration of cracked heels

what we wont do and why

remove cuticles

Remove your cuticles

In nail salons, usually cuticles are pushed back and cleared with an instrument.

The nail cuticle is an important barrier that seals the nail plate and stops infection from getting in. Removing this barrier can result in inflammation, nail splitting or bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

soak feet

Soak your feet

To ensure we maintain the strict infection control policies we don’t soak feet to reduce chance of cross infection.

Soaking the feet softens nails and cuticles makes them more permeable to infection during treatment.

apply nail polish

Using the same nail polish not amongst patients can cause cross contamination and lead to infections.

Patients are welcome to paint their toenails home after their medical pedicures.

You can use your private health insurace

If you have private health insurance and are covered for Podiatry, you can use your health fund card to treat your feet with on the spot rebates with HICAPS.