Do you have an oddly shaped toenail due to an injury or previous nail surgery?

Do you have ridges or discolouration on your toenail?

Or just don’t like the appearance of your toenail?

KeryFlex can help

KeryFlex is a cosmetic solution for unsightly toenails. It is immediate and provides a significant change in appearance in only a matter of minutes. The KeryFlex toenail is light, flexible and natural.

Flexibility is important compared to rigid acrylic toenails which don’t bend with the natural movement of toes and feet and lead to further toenail trauma.

It is also safe to use on human skin and doesn’t cause irritation or further damage to your nail or skin, allowing your toenail underneath to grow naturally.

It is also non-porous and will not allow moisture to penetrate between your natural nail and prosthetic nail. This helps prevent a moist environment which can further exacerbate any existing fungal toenail infections.

KeryFlex can also be used during most antifungal treatments providing a cosmetically pleasing appearance. 

What is KeryFlex?

KeryFlex is a painless, in-clinic application that will restore the appearance of your toenail. KeryFlex is a safe treatment that is exclusive to Podiatrists only. It restores the appearance of unsightly toenails using a composite patented resin gel.

This patented resin creates a flexible, non-porous nail plate that allows the real nail to grow in a healthy environment. The KeryFlex nail bonds to the nail tissue and bed to provide an exceptionally realistic looking toenail. It transforms an unsightly, disfigured nail, providing an immediate cosmetic improvement.

We recommend having more than 15% toenail tissue present for application of KeryFlex to ensure it lasts 6-8 weeks. However, it can be applied to areas with less toenail tissue is present, but will last for 3-4 weeks.

The KeryFlex Nail Restoration System consists of three components:

  1. KeryFlex Bonding Agent optimizes the adhesion of the KeryFlex Resin to the natural nail.
  2. KeryFlex Resin is a lightweight, medical-grade gel used to build up the nail and allows for sculpting and contouring the new nail
  3. KeryFlex Sealant is a UV curing topcoat to seal the KeryFlex nail making it non-porous and non-permeable.
keryflex treatment kit

What makes KeryFlex different

keryflex is flexible


KeryFlex is designed to flex with the movement of the toes, minimizing lifting and further trauma to natural nail and provides superior durability and comfort

keryflex is non porous

Non-Porous Material

KeryFlex does not allow moisture to permeate and get between natural nail and prosthetic nail.


A widely used anti-fungal Piroctone Olamine is formulated into KeryFlex to help retard the growth of existing fungal infections.

Acid Free

KeryFlex will not irritate the nail bed or surrounding skin the way acid containing salon systems can.

Infection control

Nail restoration in a medical grade sanitary setting assures that clients are being treated in a setting that does not allow for cross contamination the way salons might.

keryflex is patented


KeryFlex uses a composite patented resin gel to construct a reason nail

keryflex is photosensitive


Responsive to a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light<