The Foot Hub is not a nail spa or a beauty salon; we don’t trim your cuticles or apply nail polish. Our specialty lies in nail fungus treatment for Sydney patients including the treatment of damaged, fungal, thickened or disfigured toenails. We understand how unsightly toenails can cause concern and embarrassment. From treating a minor blemish to a complete overhaul we pride ourselves on achieving great patient outcomes. At The Foot Hub we offer the following cosmetic treatments:


Up until recently there have only been two treatments for fungal toenails; antifungal nail lacquers and prescription medications. Most topical liquids require regular application for months or even years with varying results. Furthermore, prescription medications can interact with other drugs as well as cause adverse side effects making them unsuitable for some people.

At our Sydney foot clinic we offer a new painless fungal nail treatment called PACT®. Almost half of all nail disorders are caused by fungal infection, and it is reported to be the most common nail disease in adults, with an estimated 1.6 million Australians affected. Infections can causes toenails to thicken, discolour, disfigure, and split. If left untreated, toenails can become so thick that they press against the inside of the shoes, causing pressure, irritation, and pain.

To achieve optimum fungal nail treatment outcomes, PACT® should be matched to the severity of disease. At our foot clinic in Sydney, we recommend an initial assessment, where one of our podiatrists can assess the affected toenail/s and determine a fungal nail treatment plan.

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Keryflex Nail Restoration provides an immediate improvement in the appearance of unsightly toenails.

Keryflex resin builds a flexible, non-porous artificial nail which allows the remaining nail to grow underneath and can therefore be used in conjunction with PACT®. It can also be used to restore toenails that don’t respond to antifungal therapy such as:

  • Thickened (non-fungal) toenails
  • Discoloured toenails
  • Brittle and splitting toenails

Keryflex comes in three colours natural-opaque-pastel which we try to match to the natural colour of your nail bed. The resin is insoluble in water and is not affected by acetone, nail polish or detergents.

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