Improve your efficiency

Reduce your chance of injury

The use of custom footbeds in ski boots has been shown to be effective in improving technique, edge control, and balancing out any other foot problems.

Every boot comes with a standard foot bed, but like snowflakes, every foot is different, and every skier has a different way of placing and distributing their weight.

So our advice for skiers looking to have the best experience possible is not just to custom fit your boots, but to get the right foot bed too. This can make the difference between being there for the last lift up the mountain and having to sit out the afternoon with sore and aching feet.

Custom foot beds: Made for you


Unlike pre-fabricated insoles, we actually create custom foot beds based on the profile of the foot, not on any existing mould. These custom foot beds can be created from a variety of materials and are longer lasting and more effective than simple over-the-counter insoles.

There are several key factors we take into account when creating our custom foot beds, with foot arch, warmth and blood flow being among the most vital. A good foot bed will promote circulation to cold feet, give you the competitive edge in precision turns, as well as providing the support needed to keep you skiing all day without any problems


Step 1: Foot assessment

Steve will assess your feet, look at your foot shape and size, and decide which custom footbed will be best suited for you. He will match the custom footbed to your foot to determine an appropriate fit.


Step 2: Foot moulding

Once a pair of custom footbeds have are chosen, they will be placed in V-Lab heater for heating to allow the custom footbeds to conform to your feet. This technique is called thermoforming.

When they are heating, you will head over to our boot fitting station. Your feet will be placed on our Sidas Vacuum Silicon bags, where an impression of your feet will be taken. 


Step 3:customising footbeds

The heated custom footbeds will be placed on top of your feet impressions, where you will stand on them in a neutral stance skiing position: standing upright, feet and knees apart, knees flexed, and pressure on the balls of your feet. This is important as it allows the correct positioning of the custom footbeds on your feet when you are skiing or boarding. 

3D foot scan

Step 4:modification

After the custom footbeds have cooled down, they will be sent to the workshop for modification and finishing touches. Once ready they will be placed into your liners and then your boots.


Step 5:Trial your new custom footbeds

Its time to try out your new custom footbeds. Either go to Off-Piste and try their indoor ski stimulators or head to your closest  ski resort..

Ski Boot Fitting

No more pain

If you have issues with shin bang, numb toes or pain from poor fit, they can all be improved.

We want to put your foot in exactly the right place for your activity, with the best possible materials for your needs.

Contact us to find out more about the process and how we can help you make your next winter holiday even more enjoyable.

Frequently asked questions

One pair of custom footbeds is $250

Yes, if you are covered for podiatry and orthotics on your policy.

It can take up 2-3 days. If it is urgent we can get them to you in 24 hours.

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