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Ski Boot Fitting


Tired of having your boot pain ruin your ski trip? 
Want to hit the slopes pain-free? 

Carving through soft powder on a mountain is many people’s idea of a dream holiday, but whether you are a seasoned mountain expert or simply a keen enthusiast, ski boot discomfort is one of the most common issues and complaints.

We’ve all been there, ready for a hard day on the slopes but that niggling pain from your boots just gets worse and worse. Believe it or not, it is possible to make your boots not just bearable but comfortable, if you get the right boot-fitting service.

Expert Boot Assessment

We know better than anyone that every foot is different and that weight distribution and range of movement are unique to every person. Our custom boot fitting service is efficient and effective. It begins with an assessment of your foot profile and questions about your needs on the slopes as well as checking the mobility of the key areas of movement used during skiing.

Improve comfort and technique

Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder we can employ a whole host of techniques to ensure the ultimate comfort from your boot, whether that is relieving pressure points or adding foam cushions and mouldable liners so your foot is completely supported.

If you are looking to invest in your first pair of boots or simply want an upgrade or want a pair of footbeds, our custom boot fittings are one of the best ways to give your feet more support as you take to the slopes.

The mix of comfort and technical positioning we provide means you will have a boot that can be worn, enjoyed and loved, as well as providing a platform for you to progress and advance your technique.

Ski Boot Fitting Process

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Ski Boot Services

Boot Modifications

Custom Liners

Boot Sales


  • Pressure points and bony prominences
  • Lower limb alignment issues
  • Numbness and burning sensations
  • Foot Cramps
  • Cold Feet
  • Large or skinny calves
  • Shin bang
  • Black Toenails
  • Loose or packed out boots
  • BlisterS


  • Heat moulding
  • Boot stretching/grinding
  • Volume reduction
  • Cuff alignment and canting adjustment
  • Flex rating and forward lean adjustment
  • Liner modification
  • Boot heater and booster strap installation
  • Boot Repairs

Meet your Boot Fitter

Hello, my name is Steve. I am a Podiatrist and an experienced boot fitter.

Being an avid skier and one thing I know is that skiing is hard. It’s a complex sport that requires many correctly controlled movements to get you downhill safely. That's why it's vital for you to have a boot fitter who understands foot and leg biomechanics and their relation to skiing.

Any difference in your biomechanics can affect your ability to carve a controlled turn which will increase your chance of injury. By assessing your feet I can guide you to the perfect boot. A custom boot assessment will help me determine your foot type, pick up on things like muscle imbalance or protruding bony areas in your feet which can lead to friction and irritation, circulation problems or nerve entrapments.

All these factors help me understand your needs and allow me to customize the right boot for you.

I look forward to seeing you at the clinic so we can start the process of making your next ski trip the best one yet.


Ski Boot Fitting Prices

Initial boot assessment*

Biomechanical assessment and ski boot analysis


Foot Moulding*


Custom Made Foot Beds*

1 pair of custom-made footbeds


Boot work per consult*

All required boot modifications and follow up appointments.


* Can be claimed on private health insurance with podiatry cover

Ski Boots

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Do you offer a boot fitting gurantee?
How much time should I allow for the custom boot fitting process?
Can I claim for ski boots on my private health insurance?
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    The first step to comfortable boots is defining the problem. This short, sharp and useful quiz will help you pinpoint exactly what is causing your discomfort so you can solve the issue and get right back on the slopes where you belong.


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