Do you have an ingrown or involuted toenail?

Are you looking for a solution that is pain free that doesn’t involve surgery?

Introducing Onyfix Nail Correction System

Onyfix is the newest technology used to treat ingrown and involuted toenails using a composite nail brace that reshapes the nail and ensures natural nail growth.

At our Sydney foot clinics, our Podiatrist will create and adapt an individualised system that treats your ingrown or involuted (pincer) nail. Onyfix acts as a composite brace allowing the nail to reshape and naturally grow out. The entire process is pain-free, from start to finish.

Ingrown or involuted toenails can be painful and cause many complications. Onyfix provides an alternative solution for patients who may not be suited for ingrown toenail surgery; needle phobia, diabetic, pregnant or breast feeding, age, vascular disease etc.

Read more to learn about Onyfix system on how its versatile and innovative in treating all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails.

How does it work?

Onyfix is a revolutionary nail correction system, which helps ingrown or involuted toenails grow back to their natural shape without the need for surgery or any pain.

Onyfix uses a hardened composite material which is cured by a LED light and acts like a brace on the nail plate. This ensures that the nail remains in the correct shape as it grows from the base of the nail until the end, thus reshaping the pathway for the new nail growth.

The Onyfix system is cured to your toenail for about 2-3 months. When the toenail grows, the Onyfix will grow with the toenail and helps the toenail grow in the correct position. During this period additional bands can be applied to the toenail to ensure that the desired result is obtained.

We recommend 3-4 bands with 6 weekly appointment intervals.  Once complete, the composite is removed and the nail continues to grow naturally.

how it works

The Process

Before applying Onyfix we will file and smoothen your toenail to flatten your toenail for application. All nail folds will be cleared of nail debris and the entire nail plate cleaned with a cotton swab.

application of primer

1. Onyfix primer is applied evenly across the nail palate to help adhere the composite to the nail plate.

3. The Onyfix composite is applied to the base of the toenail. Occasional an additional band can be applied to the top of the nail whilst lifting up the nail using a probe

2. The primer is cured with LED light for 10 seconds

4. The bands are then cured with LED light for 30 seconds.

Who is Onyfix nail correction system for?

Ingrown toenail

Pincer toenails

split toenail

What’s the difference between Onyfix to nail bracing?

The Onyfix nail correction system works like a nail brace through the use of the hardened composite. However, unlike nail bracing, there no wires used to hook under the nail plate and as a result pulls on the growing nail. Onyfix allows the nail to grow into a natural nail shape in a tension and pain-free process.

The application process of traditional nail bracing can be painful and can lead inflammation. Also nail braces have been known to fall/slide off the nail plate and cause discomfort when wearing enclosed shoes.

Onyfix provides an alternative ingrown toenail treatment option that is painless during application and throughout the treatment process.

the benefits of onyfix

pain free

evidence based medicine

evidence based medicine

no allergies


sport in 24hrs




Natural growth process



Suitable for diabetics



apply nail polish

apply Nail polish

Before and After pictures

Case study of changes in nail shape over 35 weeks using Onyfix. 

case study
case study after

Images source: Hanisch E. Physiological and painless treatment of ingrown and curled toenails. Kosm Med. 2018;3(18):118-123 Figures 2a-2e


  • Application for one toenail Onyfix
  • Application for two toenails Onyfix

*Conditions apply: Cost is for the medical pedicure only. If you require assessment for other foot conditions will incur additional fees

What you need to know


Applied in same day appointment. Onyfix works best on thin toenails. Prior to application, the Podiatrist may need to file down your toenail.

How long does it take

10-20 minutes.

Before your appointment

Remove all nail polish, shellac and artificial nails.

Ideally for:

  • Ingrown toenails
  • Pincer toenails
  • Split toenails


  • Onyfix is not recommended if the nail is detached from the nail bed.
  • Presence of fungal infection involving more than 50% of the total nail area
  • In the presence of nail bruising or malignant nail disorders Onyfix can not be applied.

after your appointment

For optimal results it’s important to follow the following instructions:

  • Avoid swimming or bath tubs for 24hours
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting or narrow shoes
  • Nail polish can still be applied however patients cannot use shellac or other acrylic toenails.

frequently asked questions

Yes, you can go back to work, wear enclosed shoes. We however recommend patients not to swim in the first 24 hours following application and avoid any tight-fitting shoes

No, you don’t require local anaesthetic for Onyfix application.

Yes, Onyfix has been approved by the Therapeutics Goods Administration.

Onyfix is 100% safe, effective and easy to apply without any surgery.

Yes, if coverd for Podiatry you can use your health fund to claim for Onyfix treatment.

Unless there is direct trauma after applying Onyfix the toenail will remain that shape. We also advised patients to avoid wearing tight fitting shoes.

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