Best foot forward: The medical professionals saving our soles

Podiatrist pedicure

On their feet all day, walking down streets, and commonly wearing ill-fitting shoes, more and more people are seeking a pampering session to restore their aching feet to their former beauty and suppleness.

That’s right. The popularity of medical pedicures is on the rise.

Medipedis are a great way to get medical treatment before the problem worsens, eliminating the risks of regular salons and the water-based, nonmedical pedicures performed there and drastically improving the quality of your life and saving you time and money down the road.

Based in Sydney and backed by years of medical experience, the podiatrists and technicians at Medi Nails bring you luxury manicure and pedicure services in a toxin-free, safe environment.

Combining health, wellness and beauty, the experts at The Foot Hub work only with waterless manicures, ethically sourced ingredients and proven, hygienic, and science-based methods to transform your nails, feet, and hands.

What is a medical pedicure?

With celebrities talking about their favourite Manhattan-based podiatrists and regular nail salons taking the heat for rises in infection and unsafe conditions, the word ‘medipedi’ has been making the rounds for a while now. But what does it really mean?

 In short, a medical pedicure is a non-invasive and dry procedure, a balance between podiatry and nail care.

Wait, do podiatrists do pedicures?

Absolutely. A medical pedicure professional has a university degree and can answer any of your questions about feet. Using medical-grade equipment, they will restore life to your feet, no matter how bad they seem to you. The dry environment and sterilised equipment help to prevent infection.

Can a medical pedicure help me?

A medical pedicure is a good idea for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet or isn’t happy with how their feet look in the summer, but it’s an excellent idea for anyone who has faced recurring or one-off issues with their feet. From thick nails to dry skin, a medical pedicure might be the answer you have been looking for.

A medical pedicure will make all the difference if you’ve been dealing with foot-related ailments for a while, or even if you just want to show your tired feet some love. After all, ailments such as cracked heels and ingrown nails are not only painful, but they take away your confidence too. If you’re someone who spends too long thinking about how their feet look in the lead-up to summer, this is for you.

What does a medical pedicure involve?

A medical pedicure is a professional and hygienic procedure carried out by medical experts in a sterile setting.

A professional consultation

From the moment you walk into the consultation room, you’ll realise this is no ordinary pedicure. Combining the luxury of a beauty salon with the expertise of qualified podiatrists, you’ll be receiving personalised care and attention.

After spraying your feet with an alcohol solution, the highly trained podiatrist will assess the condition of your feet individually, noticing any current problems as well as any potential risks in the future, before applying a thick moisturiser to soften the skin.

 An informative process

The podiatrist uses medical-grade equipment and sterile tools to soften hard skin, smooth out the cracks and file down nails. As they do so, they give you expert advice on dealing with the problems they are seeing.

Some of the simple remedies they may prescribe include keeping nails shorter (even 1mm over the edge of the toe can lead to problems), always keeping toes covered in the shower, and scrubbing feet properly to avoid the build-up of shampoo, conditioner and nail varnish residue. 

The podiatrists will also offer you advice to prevent problems they can see arising in the future and emphasise the importance of using suncream on your feet, the only part of the body that doesn’t cast a shadow, and stretching your calves daily to avoid toes bending upwards. A medically trained professional will spot issues before they become serious, and anything can be dealt with if you catch it quickly.

Before you leave

Towards the end of your appointment, you’ll be advised on how to maintain your now baby-soft feet, with home treatments such as weekly filing sessions and nightly moisturising with a lotion designed for feet rather than bodies — as feet don’t have the same follicles that can absorb active ingredients.

Most visitors will only need to book an appointment once every few months to maintain healthy feet and address new issues as they arise. Those with ongoing conditions such as athlete’s foot may need to visit a podiatrist at least once a month until the issue subsides.

 Why choose a “medipedi” over a regular pedicure?

The differences between a nail salon and the office of a medipedi professional are apparent upon arrival. Rather than being greeted with just music, a massage and a glass of sparkling wine, you’ll be met with years of medical expertise, professionalism and personalised attention.

 Receive personalised health-based attention

A podiatrist can identify any foot issues by sight. They will evaluate the health of your feet, explain what they are seeing and suggest actions you can take to prevent the problem from persisting. And instead of following the same routine for every patient or removing so much skin that it becomes blister prone, they will give you a complete workover, focusing on your problems and your feet.

A convenient way to get medical treatment

The podiatrists at The Foot Hub are qualified medical professionals with deep wells of knowledge and experience from which to draw their advice and treatments. Rather than just the six-week training course beauticians in another clinic may have completed, this is someone who has dedicated their career to feet and attended advanced training courses to learn how to safely remove dead or infected skin without causing further problems down the road.

Strict hygiene standards

With this training comes a deep medical knowledge of bloodborne infections and, therefore, inherent respect for safety and hygiene protocols. Whilst a regular salon might use water-based manicures and foot spas (proven to spread disease) and unsterilised equipment, a trained podiatrist will take every action to avoid the spread of infection, using only thoroughly sterilised equipment, a dry environment and adhering to strict hygiene standards.

Try a medipedi and feel the difference

A medical pedicure is a safe way to get your feet back in shape without the risk of infection present in regular beauty salons and with the bonus of dealing with a highly trained professional who can understand the problems they are seeing and predict the possible issues to arise in the future.

At our inhouse nails salon Medi Nails, Sydney,you can get all this and more with their innovative services offering the very best of both worlds. You’ll receive your professional care and a luxurious pampering too.

This article was written by Contese, a creative content agency based in Valencia, Spain

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