How To Prepare Your Feet For A Marathon

How To Prepare Your Feet For A Marathon

Preparing for a marathon is without a doubt hard work. Knowing that you’ve got a race of over 42 kilometres ahead of you should help you to get your head down and work on your stamina. But it’s not only your ability to go the distance that matters; it’s about preparing your feet as well. Here are our top 5 tips on how to prepare your feet for a marathon.

Pick The Right Shoe

Having the right running shoes for your marathon is crucial. Don’t think that a new pair of shoes is the best idea for a marathon (or any race distance). New shoes take a good few weeks to break in so make sure that whatever shoes you choose, that you’ve been training in them for at least a couple of weeks, preferably more.

Stick with the brand and model of shoe that you are most comfortable in – don’t pick a new pair of running shoes just because they apparently have the latest and greatest features or because you’re told they’re the best for long distance races. If you do want to shop around for your shoes, make sure you do it well in advance of your race day so you can road test them during your training.

Choose The Right Socks

Many people overlook this but your sock choice is almost as important as your shoe choice. Breathable socks are good as are ones that absorb sweat while you run which will help prevent unwelcome blisters. Well-fitting socks will prevent rubbing and folding which can also cause blisters.

Like your shoes, don’t pick a brand new pair in case they have any defects you weren’t aware of, or if you don’t find them comfortable. Also don’t pick a really old pair that may start to develop holes as you run. Go for a brand that you love that has been worn and washed a few times.

Keep Your Skin Soft

If you’re developing any cracks on your feet, or you have patches of dry skin, keep them moisturised so that they don’t worsen before race day. Your feet will take a beating during a marathon and so they need to be in the best shape possible when you start. Dry skin will start to chafe and cracks may develop further and start to bleed if not addressed prior to the race.

Keep Your Feet And Shoes Dry

Moisture, while essential for your skin, should be avoided when it comes to your shoes and socks. If your shoes have become wet during training, make sure they are fully dry before you wear them again.

You can also choose socks that help to absorb the sweat from your feet that is produced when you run. This will help keep your feet and shoes dry during the race.

Don’t Try Anything New On Race Day

Remember that anything new on race day is likely to harm more than help. All that training you do in the lead up to the marathon will prepare you for running those 42 kilometres. Deviating from all your training in any way will negate your hard work and make your job on the day even harder. It would be like training for a show jumping competition and then switching horse at the last minute. Don’t scupper your chances by switching socks, shoes, hydrating fluids or anything else for that matter!

If you’d like some professional help to prepare your feet for a marathon, make an appointment with one of our trusted podiatrists in Sydney today. Our Sydney foot clinic can help you make sure that your feet are marathon ready and ship shape! Contact us and make your appointment now.

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