Looking After Your Feet On An Active Holiday

Looking After Your Feet On An Active Holiday - The Foot Hub Podiatrists Sydney

When you’re heading off on an active holiday the last thing you want to experience is foot problems. Here are our Sydney podiatrists’ tips for looking after your feet on an active holiday.


Invest In Quality Walking Boots

It should go without saying but there is no better investment for an active or walking holiday than quality footwear.

For walking holidays particularly, you need to have walking boots that fit your feet and won’t rub, chafe or squeeze your feet. If you’re looking to buy a new pair of walking boots before your holiday, give yourself enough time to wear them in and get used to them.

Make sure they have a comfortable insole that’s shock-absorbent to prevent damaging the muscles in your feet. Being fully waterproof is also important to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


Get The Right Socks

It’s not just about your shoes – sock choice is really important too.

Many walkers go for a double sock option, wearing a thinner sock first and adding a second, thicker and warmer sock. This can help to reduce friction but it does come down to personal choice.

Whatever socks you choose, make sure they are made from natural fibres like cotton or bamboo. This helps your feet breathe more and sweat less, keeping them dry and helping to reduce chafing and prevent blisters forming.

Have enough pairs of socks for each day of your holiday to ensure you have a clean pair of socks every day. There’s nothing worse than having to put on dirty socks ahead of a full day of walking or other activities.


Add Insoles

Insoles can provide extra cushioning and comfort in any shoe. For walking holidays, where you want maximum comfort, they can be a good idea.

Custom insoles or custom orthotics can be moulded to the shape of your foot making them just right for your feet and your shoes.


Trim Your Toenails

It might seem obvious but this simple tip can make or break your walking holiday.  Trim your toenails each evening or as needed to keep the nails short. This prevents them from rubbing against the front of your walking boots, which can become very painful over long periods of walking.

So when you’re packing for your active holiday, pack some nail clippers (just not in your hand luggage if you’re flying!).


Blister Prevention

Look out for blisters developing along the way. If you’re prone to getting blisters in certain areas on your feet, take preventative measures to avoid them appearing.

Shoe and sock choice can play a part in getting blisters, but you can also wrap a soft bandage around the area to give it that extra layer of protection.

Powder, gels or balms can also help prevent the rubbing that so often leads to blisters. Apply some each morning before you put your socks and shoes on and you’ll be ready to face the day’s challenges.


Warm-Up & Cool Down

On an active holiday, you’ll likely be on the go a lot of the day, but don’t forget to warm up before you start and cool down once you’ve finished for the day.

Make a shortlist of warm-up and cool-down exercises and be sure to make time in your activity schedule to do these.

A few simple stretches can make all the difference to how you feel each day and helps keep your feet, legs and almost every muscle in your body feeling better.


Apply A Good Foot Balm

On an active holiday, you’re going to be on your feet a lot of the time.

Keep them feeling soft and smooth by regularly applying a good quality foot balm or heel balm.

Moisturising your feet each evening also helps prevent your skin on your feet from drying out. Dry feet can lead to more friction, blisters and foot pain – 3 things you definitely don’t need on an active holiday!


Take Time To Rest

Your body is definitely going to need a rest at the end of each long day on your walking holiday, especially your feet.

Make sure you put your feet up when you have time to rest – literally! Elevating your feet means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood around your body so your circulation improves as you rest.

If you can, take your boots and socks off when you stop for breaks or lunch so give your feet some air too.


Before you head off on your walking holiday, why not book an appointment with our trusted podiatrists in Sydney? We can give your feet a health check, make sure your choice of boots and socks are suitable for your trip and get your feet in tip-top shape before you leave.

Get in touch with us now or book a podiatry appointment online here.

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