5 Questions To Ask When Choosing The Right Podiatrist


Choosing the right podiatrist is crucial if you want your foot problems to be treated effectively. It’s not always as simple as Googling for podiatrists and picking the first one that comes up, or the one that happens to be closest to you.

We’ve come up with 5 questions you can ask when you’re looking for a podiatrist in Sydney, to help make sure you’re choosing the right podiatrist for you.


1. What’s Your Medical Background & Training?

Ask the podiatrist where they got their medical education and training. Knowing that they’re fully qualified is very important so you can be assured they know what they are doing.


2. Why Did You Choose To Specialise In Podiatry?

Every great podiatrist will have chosen to specialise in this field because they are passionate about helping people get back on their feet – literally! They should be able to convey their passion for this specialist area of medicine if you ask them this question.


3. Do You Have Any Particular Podiatry Specialisation?

Some podiatrists specialise in children’s podiatry, sports podiatry, orthopaedics or podiatric primary care. If you’re looking for a certain specialist, find out if they specialise in that area.


4. Do You Do Any Continuing Professional Development?

Like any other member of the medical community, podiatrists often undertake continuing professional development. This could be things like refresher courses, elective training, attending conferences and lectures, publishing articles, online courses and quality improvement at their own practices.

In fact, the Podiatry Board of Australia requires all its registered podiatrists to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of continuing professional development each year. Podiatric surgeons need to undertake at least 40 hours of continuing professional development each year.


5. How Busy Are You?

Being able to get an appointment with your podiatrist when you need one is so important. You don’t want to choose a podiatrist, only to discover they’re booked out for months at a time and you’ll never be able to see them when you need to.

A great podiatrist will be able to devise a tailored treatment plan which allows you to see them at regular intervals. These appointments can be booked in advance as required by your treatment plan, but also make sure that if something changes with your condition, that they’re willing to see you as soon as possible.


If you’re wondering how to go about choosing the right podiatrist, why not call us and ask our Sydney podiatrist all of these questions, plus more! We’re happy to speak with you about your podiatric needs and develop a personalised care plan.


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