How To Correct Overlapping Toes

How To Correct Overlapping Toes - The Foot Hub Podiatrists Sydney

Overlapping toes occur when one toe extends over the next. This mainly occurs with the baby toe or the big toe, but can happen on any toe. It’s also sometimes referred to as hammertoes.

Overlapping toes can cause discomfort or pain, but there are several things you can do to try and correct them.

Here are some tips on how to correct overlapping toes from our trusted podiatrists in Sydney.


There are different options when it comes to correcting overlapping toes. They involve non-surgical options for many cases, and surgical options for those with a severe case of overlapping toes.


Non-Surgical Options To Correct Overlapping Toes


Corrective Shoes

Sometimes overlapping toes can be attributed to poor shoe choices. By switching to more supportive and roomy shoes, in some cases, the toes can correct themselves.

Discuss your choice of footwear with our Sydney podiatrists to see if this may be an issue for you.


Avoid High Heels

High heels can be to blame for overlapping toes. They’re often very narrow in the toe area and can cause your toes to be crushed together in a tight space.

If you wear high heels day in and day out, it might be worth considering other footwear options. You don’t have to go straight to flats all the time but shoes with more space, support and cushioning could make the world of difference.


Forefoot Support – Toe Spacers & Separators

Simple additions to your shoes can also help to correct overlapping toes.

There are all sorts of forefoot supports available on the market today including gel toe straighteners and gel toe caps.

These can help to keep your toes separated and prevent them from crossing over each other.

Speak to our podiatrists today to see which one might be best for your feet.


Toe Loops /Bandages

A less intrusive option than toe spacers, you could use a toe loop or toe bandage to correct your overlapping toes.

These help to secure your overlapping toe to the adjacent toe, holding it in its natural place and preventing it from overlapping again.


Surgical Options To Correct Overlapping Toes 


If you have a severe case of overlapping toes, your podiatrist may refer you for a surgical correction.

There are numerous options for surgical correction of overlapping toes and it is important you chose your clinician accordingly.

You can either see a Podiatric Surgeon or an Orthopedic surgeon who specialises in foot and ankle surgery. Patient should always factor in cost (private vs public) and time off your feet post operation (6-8 weeks).

Be aware post op complications such as nonunion, malunion, dactylitis, infection, neuritis, painful scarring and recurrence of deformity.


If you’re struggling with overlapping toes, speak to our friendly podiatrists in Sydney today.

They can help diagnose and treat overlapping toes, or any other foot problems you may be experiencing.

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