How to Prepare your Feet for the Summer

Summer Footcare Tips

Summer is well on its way, and it’s finally starting to warm up. After months of dreary weather, it’s time to bring out those open-toed shoes and summer dresses. As you’re dragging out your summer wear, you might notice your feet may be looking a little worse for wear and are not quite yet summer-ready. It’s easy to neglect foot care during those colder winter months.


With a bit of maintenance through some routine foot care, you can get your summer feet healthy and prepared to show them off. We’ve put together a list of the best podiatric recommended foot care services available at our clinic to get your feet back on track and in the sand. 


Callus foot peel treatment 

After the cold months, your feet might be left dry, yellowing, callused or the dreaded cracked heels. Treating dry and thickened skin is the first step to Summer foot care. Foot peels, like Mavex, are approved by our podiatrists for dry skin!


Mavex softens common problem areas of the foot, like heels and the ball of the foot. After being wrapped in the moisturizing peel, a gentle and painless foot scraping removes calluses easily, leaving your feet softer, suppler, and more hydrated than ever. Pair a professional callus foot peel treatment with a manicure or massage to really wind down and relax.  


Medical pedicure

Don’t let dry-feeling nails and heels bring you down during Summer. Have our professional podiatrists pamper you with a nail cut, moisturization, callus, and corn treatment. During the medical pedicure, they can also tackle any other foot concerns you have, like blisters or discoloured nails. Treat your summer feet to a refreshed look without compromising health and comfort. Rest easy knowing you’ll come out from your appointment with restored Summer ready feet. 


Paraffin foot wax treatment

Do you love the idea of a paraffin wax treat but hate sticking your feet into a communal paraffin wax bath? We wouldn’t either, with those baths collecting dust and debris from other feet. Give our new paraffin wax treatment a shot to get your feet feeling revitalised! 


Revolutionary technologies like ThermaBliss offer single-use paraffin wax treatments, ensuring a sanitary and comfortable experience for your summer feet. Paraffin wax is melted into special booties, slowly forming a toasty warm, and moisturising mask around your feet. Why not enjoy a gentle massage from our friendly in-house beauty technician while the treatment is underway? Then enjoy the satisfying feeling of peeling the treatment off, leaving softer and younger feeling skin.  


Waterless luxury pedicure

Treat yourself to a luxury pedicure in our unique, sterile, and private salon setting. With our luxury pedicure, we avoid soaking your feet to ensure your feet stay as healthy as possible. It’s more hygienic as there’s no risk of dirty water or bacteria spread. When you soak your feet, they can retain water and cannot absorb the products used in a pedicure as effectively.


Switch to a waterless pedicure for longer-lasting results that give you a cleaner feeling and healthier feet. Finish off your pedicure with our podiatrist-approved nail polishes for a pop of Summer colour to finish them off.


A healthy foot treatment at The Foot Hub is the perfect form of self-care to get those feet ready for your summer skin. Our team of professional foot specialists in Sydney will ensure your feet and nails are treated with your health in mind and give you the ultimate relaxing experience. Call The Foot Hub clinic at 02 8096 4763 or reach us through email at [email protected] to make an appointment today.

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