9 Essential Foot Care Tips You Need To Know


When it comes to your overall health, how much attention do you pay to your feet? As podiatrists in Sydney, we can sometimes see patients whose feet have been neglected over the years.

To avoid foot problems both now and in the future, you need to practice simple foot care.

Here are 9 essential foot care tips you need to know, straight from our Sydney podiatrists.


Our Top Essential Foot Care Tips


  1. Keep Them Clean


When you shower, don’t forget to wash your feet. It’s tempting to think because you’re standing in soapy water they’ll automatically get clean but that’s not always the case.

Give them a good rub with some soap and a cloth or sponge to get any stubborn dirt off them.


  1. Exfoliate


Our feet can dry out, especially over the summer months.

Give them a gentle scrub with a pumice stone at least once a week to remove any dead skin and leave them feeling smooth and refreshed.


  1. Moisturise


After cleaning, make sure you moisturise your feet to lock in all that moisture from your shower or bath. This will help keep your feet soft and silky smooth.


  1. Choose Well-Fitted Shoes


Poor choice of footwear can lead to all sorts of foot problems. From pain to hammertoe, what shoes you put on your feet has a bigger impact on your foot health than you may realise.

For the majority of your time in shoes, opt for ones that are comfortable, supportive and well-fitted.


  1. Keep Your Nails Trim


Just as you trim and manicure your nails, don’t forget about your toenails.

Keep them trimmed and neat to avoid ingrown toenails and pain from long nails pushing on the inside of your shoes.


  1. Let Them Breathe


It’s not good to spend all day in socks and shoes. Make sure your feet have time to be free of any footwear and allow air to circulate around them.


  1. Invest In Great Socks


Sock choice is just as important as your choice of shoes. If you need to wear socks, make them quality ones made from natural materials like cotton or bamboo (at least 50%).

This helps them breathe and not get so sweaty in warmer conditions.


  1. Use A Nail & Cuticle Oil


By using a nail and cuticle oil you can keep your nails looking in tip-top condition. It protects your nails and cuticles from drying out and splitting, which can lead to nail infections.


  1. Know When You Need A Podiatrist


If you’re unsure if your feet need professional care, always consult a qualified and trusted podiatrist. They can help to diagnose any foot problems you may have and help you get your feet on the road to recovery.


And there you have it, our essential foot care tips that we wish everyone knew.

Need a professional to treat your foot problems? Book an appointment to see our podiatrist in Sydney today.


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