5 Common Winter Foot Problems & How To Avoid Them

5 Common Winter Foot Problems & How To Avoid Them - The Foot Hub

Winter might be great for snuggling up on the couch and binge-watching your favourite Netflix series, but it’s not always great for your feet. Here are 5 common winter foot problems we see often at The Foot Hub and how to avoid them.


Common Winter Foot Problem #1 – Blisters

Because your feet are more likely to be in closed shoes or boots over the winter months, blisters are a common winter foot problem.

If you’re getting blisters, consider what may be causing them. It could be poorly fitted shoes – too tight or too loose and they’ll be rubbing your feet in all the wrong places.

It could also be something simple to fix, like wearing different socks that fit your feet and shoes better.

If you’re a serious skier or snowboarder, you want to make sure your boots fit perfectly to avoid debilitating blisters. Speak to our Sydney podiatrists about our ski boot fitting service before you hit the slopes.


Common Winter Foot Problem #2 – Athlete’s Foot

It’s no secret that fungi love warm, damp environments, so when your feet are living in socks and shoes all day, it can become a breeding ground.

Make sure your feet get enough air. We know it’s hard when it’s freezing and all you want to do is live in your cosy slippers!

Also m,ake sure they aren’t enclosed 24/7 and that they are properly dried after each bath or shower.

Not drying in between your toes properly and then slipping your feet straight into socks and shoes is an easy way to find yourself with skin infection like athlete’s foot.

Common Winter Foot Problem #3 – Cracked Heels

While cracked heels might appear to be more of a cosmetic problem, left unchecked and untreated, they can cause pain and risk becoming infected.

During the winter months, our skin is drier and therefore needs more moisture. Apply a foot cream or heel balm on a regular basis throughout the year, but increase it during the winter months.


Common Winter Foot Problem #4 – Chilblains

If you suffer from poor circulation, you might be prone to chilblains in the winter.

As the weather cools down, the air becomes cooler, and we try to keep our homes and offices as warm as possible. Chilblains occur when you move quickly between cold and warm environments.

Your blood vessels constrict in cooler temperatures and then when exposed to warmer conditions, they may don’t react quickly enough. This results in a small spasm that causes blood to escape into the tissue and this accounts for swollen red spots on your skin – most often on your toes.

If you know you have circulatory issues, it’s a good idea to chat to our podiatrist in Sydney to see what can be done to minimise the risk of chilblains during winter.


Common Winter Foot Problem #5 – Foot Pain 

You might find it easier to ignore a nagging pain in your feet in the warmer months, but come winter, it’s a different story.

The cold weather can exacerbate aches and pains, so if you’re experiencing foot or leg pain and you can’t work out the cause, it’s crucial that you get yourself to a trusted podiatrist.

Foot pain is not normal and should not last – if you’ve got a niggle that just won’t go away, make an appointment with our podiatrists in Sydney today.

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