3 Common Ways to Treat Bunions

3 Common Ways to Treat Bunions - The Foot Hub

Bunions are a common foot problem we see here at The Foot Hub. While there is much debate about the effectiveness of some recommended treatments for them, there are a few things you can do to ease the pain that bunions can cause. There is also a more permanent treatment in the form of surgery. Here are 3 common ways to treat bunions.


1. Footwear Choices

Bunions often affect women and many experts believe that footwear that restricts the foot, especially the toe area, can contribute to the development of bunions.

The first thing to do, is speak to a podiatrist who can assess your current footwear and advise you if any changes to your shoes will help to ease your bunion pain or further development of your bunion.

Wider shoes, with supportive soles, can help to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by the bunion.

You can also get bunion pads or bunion shields which can reduce the pressure on the bunion, especially when wearing closed shoes.

Custom orthotics may be another avenue to explore to help reduce bunion pain. Our Sydney podiatrists can help you determine if custom orthotics are an option for you.


2. Bunion Surgery

A consultation with one of our trusted podiatrists at The Foot Hub will help you determine if bunion surgery is something that is a viable option for you.

Depending on how bad the bunions are, how much pain they cause, and how they affect your daily life, bunion surgery may be a treatment to consider.

Most bunion surgeries are done under general anaesthetic and there are a few different techniques which the surgeon could use.

Your podiatrist will be able to look at your foot and bones, and then determine if an osteotomy, an exostectomy, or an arthrodesis is the best procedure for you. The foot structure is ultimately realigned to correct the bunion and change the appearance of the foot altogether.


3. Pain Management

Once bunions have started to develop, there are not many truly effective, long-term remedies besides surgery. Pain management is an option if your bunions aren’t severe enough to warrant surgical removal, or if you are completely averse to having surgery.

Anti-inflammatories can be prescribed or bought over the counter, and ice packs or icy foot baths can do wonders at easing pain caused by bunions.

Toe stretching and manipulation of the toe joint can help too. Speak to our podiatrists in Sydney to see what kind of stretches will suit your feet the best.

Remember that everyone is different though. If you’re experiencing foot pain, whether due to a bunion or any other kind of foot or leg issue, speak to a qualified podiatrist.

A consultation with a trusted podiatrist will help you work out what the problem really is, what conditions have caused it, and what you can do to ease your pain as well as treat the real root of the problem.

Book an appointment online with a podiatrist in Sydney at The Foot Hub today, or give us a call on 02 8096 4763 now.

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