The first step to comfortable boots is defining the problem. This short, sharp and useful quiz will help you pinpoint exactly what is causing your discomfort so you can solve the issue and get right back on the slopes where you belong. With just a few questions you can get professional help from The Foot Hub and start to ski and snowboard comfortably.

who is the quiz for?

Anyone. Whether you ski or snowboard, you’re a beginner or a seasoned mountain fanatic, we’ve all been through that pain of an ill-fitting boot. Take the quiz and find out how we can help

how does it work?

This quiz is all about identifying what is going wrong, which then makes it so much easier for the professionals to make changes. There is always a solution, whether it is curing those pressure points by pushing out or even cutting the shells, or adding foam cushions where boots are too roomy. There are heat mouldable liners and shells and even footbeds to give the sole of your foot supportive cushioning.