5 Tips For Summer Ready Feet

5 Tips For Summer Ready Feet - Podiatry Sydney

Winter is the time for Ugg boots and thick socks, but as the weather starts to turn warmer, sandals and thongs start to make a comeback. However, if you haven’t been keeping your feet in tip top shape, they may need some TLC before you unleash them into the world! Here are our 5 top tips for summer ready feet.


After your feet have emerged from their winter hibernation, it’s a good idea to give them a check to see if you’ve got any foot problems that need to be treated.

From corns and callouses to discoloured nails or fungal nail infections, any foot problems should be addresses as soon as you notice them.

No one wants to be covering up their feet all summer, and if left unattended, some foot problems can become much worse and more difficult to treat.


Foot soaks are a fantastic way to not only heal your feet, but help you relax after a long hard day of being on your feet.

Soaking your feet helps to soften the skin, reduce swelling and prevent infections if you have cuts or blisters on your feet or around your toenails.

A good, long foot soak will also make exfoliating your feet a lot easier.


When winter fades away, you may notice your heels start to become dry or cracked as you start to wear more open shoes.

To keep your feet and heels nice and supple, exfoliate your feet regularly. Removing that dead layer of skin will allow your healthy skin to shine through, resulting in beautiful feet that you won’t want to hide.

There are several different ways you can exfoliate your feet, from giving them a good scrub with a pumice stone, rubbing them in a salt or sugar scrub, or if they need a more professional approach, a podiatrist can help exfoliate them for you.


Don’t forget to moisturise your feet after you’ve soaked and exfoliated. They’ll be primed and ready to absorb moisture and this will keep your feet soft and your skin smooth for longer.


As the weather warms up, no doubt you’ll be following the summer rules of slip, slap slop. But how many times do you forget to put sunscreen on your feet?

After being covered up all winter, your feet can be especially prone to sunburn so keep them protected from the sun just as you would the rest of your body.

If you’re experiencing foot problems that need more than just a few home remedies, get in touch with our podiatrist in Alexandria today. We can help your feet become summer ready in no time!

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