Looking for a high-quality insole to fix your sore feet?

Custom orthotic insoles provide an affordable, effective insole 100% personalised to your feet. Custom insoles can help treat many foot conditions and improve comfort while reducing foot fatigue.

We strive to keep your feet happy and comfortable so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.  Each pair of custom orthotic insoles are hand made by our Podiatrists on site to ensure a perfect fit to your feet.

Sidas Insoles

At The Foot Hub we use Sidas custom insoles for our patients. Sidas is a reputable brand and industry leader in innovative custom orthotic insole design and manufacturing. The insoles are 100% customized to your feet for the highest level of comfort, using highly specialised materials and thermoforming technology.


A Sidas custom insole allows us to provide a high-quality custom insole at the fraction of the cost of a traditional podiatrist-prescribed custom made orthotic.

Reduced wait time

We offer an exceptionally comfortable and cost-effective orthotic without the wait – once we mould the insole to your feet, they are ready to be fitted within 24 hours.

A solution for every patient

Sidas insoles are available for all kind of sports: hiking, running, golf, biking, multisport – and of course daily use. Every patient is assessed by our Podiatrists, and the correct Sidas insole is selected based on footwear and activity.

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Features of sidas insoles


Using complex synthetic  developed for different activities, Sidas insoles deliver a personalised solution that effectively responds to the specific requirements of your feet.

At the Sidas production site in St Etienne de Saint Geoirs, each custom orthotic insole is cut and assembled by hand to guarantee that the manufacturing process is monitored and controlled. Each material used to make the orthotic is allocated a batch number and safety data sheet.

A SIDAS custom orthotic insole comprises of multiple layers of materials which are combined and then later moulded to your feet. This allows the production of 100% custom orthotic in a short period of time. In 24 hours, you can walk away with a new pair of custom orthotic insoles.

The unique placement of materials on different areas of the orthotic provides a necessary feature for that stage of movement.

The Process

Your podiatrist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your foot type, activity, footwear, any pathology you may have and then will select the perfect custom orthotic insole for you.

After the selection process, the insole will be heated and thermoformed to your feet, creating a 100% custom product specifically for you.

Your Podiatrist will then customise and do any extra required modifications before fitting them into your desired footwear. The end result is an aesthetic, washable, personalised insole.

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Step one: Assessment

Step two: mould


Step three: customisation

step four: fitting

Types of Custom Orthotic Insoles

Sidas has an extensive range of insoles that are uniquely designed for specific activities. Materials have been carefully selected and made to make sure that you have the right custom insole tailored to your chosen activity.

sports insoles

Discover insoles specially designed for athletics with innovatinve materials to improve performance and avoid injuries.

Everyday insoles

Since your feet carry your body, the range of Sidas insoles can help solve everyday problems.


Sidas custom orthotic insoles can be worn to address specific foot complaints. Here are a few areas that Sidas custom orthotic insoles can help you with:


To ensure that custom orthotic insoles are beneficial to patients and continue to deliver scientifically proven solutions and treatment, Sidas is constantly conducting studies with universities and athletes.

Here are some of the recent studies done:

Sever’s disease is a form of osteochondrosis that occurs in the heel of some children. This study looked the use of custom insoles to treat this condition in children.

The GIGN is the French Gendarmerie’s elite special intervention unit called in to deal with exceptional situations. Wearing custom insoles reduced symptoms and improved overall comfort.

The French National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance participates in national policymaking to promote physical and sporting activity.

This study was designed to determine the effects of wearing thermoformed orthotics when walking.

Plantar orthotics enable users to maintain the best possible balance in both static and dynamic situations.

Custom insoles helped with frequently occurring and potentially painful foot pathologies resulting from injury, vascular problems, osteoarthritis or bone pathologies, neuralgia, bunions and ill-fitting footwear.

Orthotics ensure that the static and dynamic functionality of feet are as close as possible to the ideal.


One Pair

Sidas Custom Insoles

Assessment by Podiatrist
Foot Moulding/Thermoforming
One-hour appointment
Modifications to insoles
24-hour turn around
Private health insurance rebates
Afterpay four installments of $87.50

two pairs

sidas custom insoles

Assessment by Podiatrist
Foot Moulding/Thermoforming
1.5 hour appointment
Modifications to insoles
24 hour turn around
Private health insurance rebates
Afterpay four installments of $112.50


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