How To Fit Ski Boots

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or you’re heading out on the slopes for the first time, there’s one thing everyone has to do – make sure their ski boots fit properly. That’s why our team of podiatrists in Sydney have written this helpful guide on how to fit ski boots.

The last thing you want when you hit the slopes is to find your boots are too loose, too tight, or just plain uncomfortable, making your day on the slopes miserable instead of adrenaline-filled.

Here is our handy guide on how to fit ski boots properly.


Wear The Right Socks

When you try on new ski boots, you need to wear the right socks.

Our Sydney podiatrists recommend you wear a pair of thin ski socks. Choose a pair you’re likely to wear when skiing, as you want to get an accurate fit.

There’s no point wearing super thick or super thin socks that you wouldn’t ski in. Otherwise you may get boots that fit on the day, but when it comes to going skiing, they may not fit as well.


Get Your Feet Measured

When you’re in the boot shop, get them to measure your feet.

Having an accurate measurement will allow you to narrow down the kind of boot style and sizes that will be suitable for you.

If you’re shopping online, consider seeing a qualified ski boot fitter who can measure your feet and help you find the perfect ski boots. Our podiatry clinic in Sydney has all the ski boot fitting equipment you need to get your ski boots and snowboard boots fitted perfectly.


Check Your Foot Placement In The Boot

When you place the boot on your foot, be aware of where your foot sits in the boot.

Often when you first try on your boots, your foot will feel quite snug in the boot, especially in the toe area. Don’t panic!

Once your foot is in the boot, buckle the top two buckles, not too tightly. Tap your heel down on the floor a couple of times to move your heel to the back of the boot.

Next, flex your foot forward so your foot is in the correct ski position. Now buckle up the rest of the buckles and straps.


Check The Fit and Feel 

If the boot feels snug around your feet, not too tight that it hurts, and not so loose that your foot moves, you’ve found a good fit.

If your foot can jiggle around within the boot once all the straps are done up, the boot is too big.

If your foot hurts in the boot as it’s so tight, the boot is probably too small.


Do A Shell Fit

When you’re fitting your ski boots, it’s important to do a shell fit as well. This is when you remove the boot liner and try the boot on without the liner.

Keep your ski socks on and place your feet in the boots, so that your toes are just touching the front of the boot.

Now, measure the space between the shell of the boot and your heel. You want a gap of around 15-20mm. If the gap if bigger, the boots are too big.

However, everyone is different and some people like boots that fit tighter so that they last longer before they start to feel loose. Chat to your ski boot fitter about what you need and what you find comfortable to get the right fit for you.


Test Them Adequately (ski position and 20 mins in boots)

Now you’ve tested how the feel and fit, you want to test them out in a skiing position.

Run through a variety of ski stances and motions and notice if the fit of the boot changes at all.

Stay in the boots for around 20 minutes if you can. The longer you spend in them, the more likely you are to pick up any changes in your foot position and general fit of the boot.


Consider Custom Footbeds

For people who ski often or have specific needs when it comes to footwear, you may benefit from custom footbeds.

These are specialised insoles for ski boots. If your boots fitted well when you bought them, but you’re experiencing discomfort or pain when you’re out on the slopes, a custom footbed could be the solution.

These can be moulded to your arch height, foot length and width, as well as the rigidity or flexibility of your feet.

If you already have custom footbeds and are buying new ski boots, you will probably need to get the footbeds re-shaped to fit your new boots. Your ski boot fitter will be able to advise you if they need re-shaping.


Find A Great Ski Boot Fitter

Once you’ve found the perfect boots, it’s always a good idea to get your boots professionally fitted to your feet.

Having your ski and snowboard boots custom fitted to your feet will mean hours on the slopes with minimal discomfort.


At The Foot Hub, we specialise in snowboard and ski boot fitting in Sydney.

Book an appointment with one of our trusted podiatrists today and make sure you’re ready for your next trip to the snow!

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