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There is nothing like a badly-fitted boot to ruin a great day’s skiing or boarding. If you’re looking to improve not only your comfort levels but your technique, then pay a visit to The Foot Hub. Our Boot Fitter Steve is not just an experienced professional but a passionate snow sports fan with years spent fitting boots for skiers and snowboarders.

If you’ve been experiencing niggles or simply want to customise your boot to your foot, Steve is on hand to transform your ski or boarding experience.


Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads. -Anonymous


The ski-loving podiatrist

If you’re looking for ski boot fitting, you need Steve, our highly-qualified podiatrist and a passionate skier who has honed his skills working seasons in both New Zealand and Japan.

When Steve qualified as a podiatrist, he decided to spend time working as a boot fitter, helping passionate skiers enjoy their favourite activity in comfort and helping them overcome those aches and pains that can making skiing and boarding tiresome.

A personal service

As a podiatrist Steve knows that no two feet are the same, which is why he really takes the time with each customer to ensure he understands how they ski and what they need from their boot. His dedication means he’s also on hand for tweaks and changes as needed.

Both skiing and boarding rely on lower limb mechanics for movement, so it is so important your boot is supportive, it can’t be too spacious or cause pressure points. And as all skiers and boarders know, being comfortable in your boot not only affects your enjoyment but your technique too.

As Steve says: “Anatomy, foot posture and biomechanics all affect how you turn, carve and get down that mountain. It is critical that feet are positioned in the boot as ultimately this will affect your performance.”

Fitted on insurance

At The Foot Hub, you can use your insurance for appointments and everything from cushioning and mouldable liners and full footbeds for your ski or snowboard boots.

With Steve’s expertise, you can rest assured you’ll have your boots completely customised through your insurance.

If you don’t ski this year, you will be a year older when you do. – Warren Miller

steve's expertise

Not only does Steve have a Bachelor’s degree in podiatric medicine, he has been working with athletes for eight years, treating lower limbs and manufacturing orthotics.

An avid skier with experience as a boot fitter in Japan, Steve perfected his skills with Masters Plus training in boot fitting at the MasterFit University.

how can I help you?

Come in and see Steve to find out how he can improve your skiing and boarding experience.

He will take all factors into consideration, from your history and ability to posture and boot modifications. By factoring in all your needs, Steve can craft a bespoke solution for you.


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