Orthotics are custom designed insoles manufactured and used to improve, support or correct an individual’s foot posture. Many injuries and conditions we see at our Sydney foot clinic occur as a consequence of abnormal foot and lower limb mechanics. Such abnormalities can have a significant impact on the feet, legs, pelvis and spine.

Research has shown that, in many cases, orthotics can relieve pain and prevent further disability. That said, not everyone is a candidate for orthotic therapy. We also specialise in footwear prescription; frequently some simple advice is all that is needed. If you are considering getting orthotics from a foot doctor in Sydney we will assess your relevant history, footwear and biomechanics. You can rest assured we will only recommend orthotics when necessary.

Two types of orthotics are offered by our Sydney podiatrist at The Foot Hub:

Sidas Insoles

An exceptionally comfortable and cost-effective orthotic without the wait; once we have taken an impression of your feet, the insoles are ready to be fitted within 24hrs! We offer heavy discounts on multiple pairs so you may want to consider ordering two sets; a pair for everyday use and another pair for your chosen sport or activity.

A range of specialised insoles are available at The Foot Hub:

  • Everyday
  • Dress Shoe
  • Sport
  • Running
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Cycling

1 pair for $280 or 2 pairs for $420
Function Foot Orthotic

More than just ‘arch supports’ they are specifically designed to suit your particular condition, foot type, weight and desired activity. Generally, functional foot orthotics offer greater control than other types of insoles, in addition to being more durable. Biomechanical correction is achieved by using materials such as high density foams and plastics which initially may appear too rigid but, in time, usually become quite comfortable. 

After your initial biomechanical assessment and plaster cast session the turnaround time for functional foot orthotics is typically two weeks.

1 pair for $420 or 2 pairs for $720

Kids’ Orthotics

The Foot Hub frequently consult parents who are concerned about their child’s foot posture and/or gait abnormalities. Usually only footwear advice, reassurance and postural exercises are required. However, there are times when specialised custom orthotics or other forms of treatment are indicated. During the appointment we perform computerised gait analysis and static stance testing to determine the extent of the problem. These images and videos are then stored on file and referred to at follow-up appointments to track developmental milestones.

We understand that custom orthotics can be expensive, especially if your child outgrows them within 12 months. For this reason we offer special discounts when making custom orthotics for our Sydney patients under the age of eighteen.

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(Children 7-14 years old)

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