Ingrown toenails are a common condition where the corner or side of a toenail grows into the flesh. Once the edge of the nail breaks through the skin, it causes inflammation. Initially presenting as minor discomfort, it may progress into an infection and become a reoccurring problem. At The Foot Hub we recommend seeing a Sydney podiatrist immediately if:

  • At anytime an ingrown toenail has developed into an infection, especially with worsening pain and swelling.
  • The toenail is inflamed but not infected and has shown no improvement within 3 days of home treatment.
  • If you have diabetes, poor circulation, currently undergoing chemotherapy, or have any medical conditions that can cause poor wound healing or an increased risk of infection.

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Treatment Options

Conservative ingrown toenail treatment involves removing or trimming the ingrown portion of the toenail, this can be performed with or without administration of local anaesthetic, depending on pain sensitivity. If the ingrown toenail is recurrent we may recommend a minor surgical procedure (Partial Nail Avulsion) where we remove a portion of the nail along with the underlying tissue. By applying a chemical (Phenol) at the nail root this procedure, in 97% of cases, permanently prevents the offending portion of toenail from growing again. At our foot doctor in Sydney, to ensure you receive prompt medical attention, every week we reserve a number of emergency appointments for ingrown toenails. Book a podiatry appointment online now for an emergency ingrown toenail surgery or treatment.

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