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Slim fitting orthotic designed for women’s street shoes.

This orthotic offers the best combination of comfort and thinness. With a narrow pattern and leather effect top layer it is perfectly suited for street shoes. The 1.5 mm expertene at the forefoot protects the metatarsal head area which is subjected to increased pressure caused by high heeled shoes.

Price includes:

sustainable materials





Custom orthotic insole for optimal comfort whilst running.

Custom technology allows 100% customisation of your insoles

Enjoyment, prevention and performance in every stride!

the process

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Step one: Assessment

Step two: moulding


Step three: customisation

step four: fitting

Why chose a Sidas Insole?

At The Foot Hub we use Sidas custom orthotic insoles for our patients. Sidas is a reputable brand and industry leader in innovative custom orthotic insole design and manufacturing. The insoles are 100% customized to your feet for the highest level of comfort through the use highly specialised materials and thermoforming technology.

Everyday shoes for flat feet

Have multiple pairs of shoes?

Sidas has an extensive range of insoles that are uniquely designed for specific activities. Materials have been carefully selected and made to make sure that you have the right custom insole tailored to your chosen activity. 

See our range of specialised insoles  and take advantage of our  heavy discounts on multiple pairs.

 Order  two sets or insoles; a pair for running and another pair for everyday use

Our Range

Soccer insole

Designed for soccer cleats

City Man insole

Slim fitting custom insole designed for mens’s business shoes.

Running insole

Slim fitting custom running insole designed for everyday shoes.


One Pair

Sidas Custom Insoles

Assessment by Podiatrist
Foot Moulding/Thermoforming
One-hour appointment
Modifications to insoles
24-hour turn around
Private health insurance rebates
Afterpay four installments of $87.50

two pairs

sidas custom insoles

Assessment by Podiatrist
Foot Moulding/Thermoforming
1.5 hour appointment
Modifications to insoles
24 hour turn around
Private health insurance rebates
Afterpay four installments of $112.50


Care Instructions

Wearing Instructions

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