6 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Ski Boots

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Ski Boots

You may love searching for and finding your new pair of ski boots, but for some it’s a tricky time fraught with pitfalls. Buying ski boots is also not a cheap endeavour – many boots cost hundreds of dollars and some even tip over into thousands depending on what you choose. To make sure you make the right decision when shopping for new ski boots, our podiatrists in Sydney share 6 mistakes to avoid when choosing ski boots.


Mistake #1 – Listening To Others

First things first: when you tell people you’re in the market for new ski boots, no doubt there will be those who tell you that you have to get a certain style of boot, or a particular brand, or even boots with specific technology or features.

Smile and nod. And then go your own way.

Ski boots are a very personal decision. They need to be right for your feet, they need to fit well and they need to be comfortable. So don’t be swayed by fancy names or big price tags – look for something that fits you and fits you perfectly.


Mistake #2 – Buying Online

Buying ski boots online is asking for trouble. Unless you’ve tried the boots on already, try to avoid shopping blindly online for new ski boots.

You just have no idea how a boot will feel until you put it on, so online shopping can be risky, especially if you’re unable to return them should they not fit properly.


Mistake #3 – Wearing The Wrong Socks During Fitting

When you go shopping for ski boots, make sure you wear the right socks. Take the socks you’ll be skiing in, or buy a new pair if needed for the new skiing season.

Boots, like any shoe, will fit differently depending on the type and thickness of your socks so by wearing your actual ski socks, you can be sure that the boot feels exactly as it would out on the slopes.


Mistake # 4 – Buying Boots That Are Too Big

It’s almost impossible for ski boot fitters to make ski boots smaller. There is room to manoeuvre when it comes to stretching boots to be slightly larger, but they can rarely be made smaller. Skiing in oversized boots can lead to all sorts of other foot problems such as increased pressure in certain areas of the foot, shin bang cold feet and foot cramp.


Mistake #5 – Not Getting Your Boots Fitted Professionally

Buying ski boots is the easy part – making sure they are perfectly fit is a whole other ball game. Getting a fully guided ski boot fitting from a qualified boot fitter with ensure that your ski boots are custom fitted to your feet exactly.

Here at our Sydney foot clinic, our podiatrists offer custom ski boot fitting (and snowboard boot fitting) for our patients. It starts with a physical examination and a complete history. We then look at your foot posture, knee and hip alignment and carry out flexibility testing.

We can help narrow your ski boot options and even order them for you. Once you have your boots, we carry out heat moulding to make the boot fit your foot precisely, and design any custom liners if required.

After you’ve tested out your ski boots, we encourage you to come back and let us know how the boots did during your time on the slopes and if any modifications are needed we sort these out straight away.


Mistake #6 – Not Investing In Custom Orthotics

Now not everyone will need custom orthotics for their boots, but in many cases, off the shelf ski boots just won’t mould to your feet perfectly. Custom liners or orthotics can help your feet to stay snug and comfortable all day while you ski, and prevent blistering, cramps and alignment issues.


If you’re looking for new ski or snowboard boots, make an appointment online with our podiatrists in Sydney before you choose your boots. During the ski boot fitting process at our Sydney foot clinic, we’ll help you find the right style and make of boot for you, and ensure they are the perfect fit before you hit the slopes!

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