3 Effective Ways To Treat Ingrown Toenails

3 Effective Ways To Treat Ingrown Toenails - The Foot Hub Sydney

Ingrown toenails are no laughing matter. If you’ve ever had one, you’ll know that they can be extremely painful and even debilitating. While there are lots of home remedies out there on the internet, we never recommend leaving a painful ingrown toenail for very long. If left, the problem could get much worse instead of better, and result in a longer healing period when you do eventually get your ingrown toenail treated. Here are 3 effective ways to treat ingrown toenails from our Sydney podiatrists.


1. Conservative Ingrown Toenail Treatment

While we never recommend cutting the nail yourself at home, this may be something that an experienced podiatrist can perform. Conservative ingrown toenail treatment is a procedure that involves removing or trimming back the ingrown section of the toenail.

This procedure is relatively simple and can even be performed without any anaesthetic, depending on how badly the nail is ingrown and what your pain threshold is. For those who prefer some pain relief, a local anaesthetic can be administered to help control the pain during the process.


2. Partial Nail Avulsion

If more serious intervention is required, a partial nail avulsion could be the solution. A portion of the nail is removed along with the underlying tissue.

At the nail root, a chemical called Phenol is added and in 97% of ingrown toenail cases, this permanently stops the offending portion of the nail from growing back.


3. Antibiotics For Infections

If your ingrown toenail has become infected, a course of antibiotics may be necessary. Depending on the severity of the infection, your podiatrist may recommend a topical antibiotic cream or an oral antibiotic.


What NOT To Do

You may think you can deal with the problem at home, but if you are experiencing pain that just won’t go away, it is best to see a professional podiatrist in Sydney as soon as practically possible. Here are a few things you should avoid:

Cutting the nail yourself

Trying to dig the nail out

Using any tools on the nail

All of these may result in making the toenail worse and the nail and toe getting infected from not using sterile equipment.


If you’ve got an ingrown toenail, speak to our podiatrists in Sydney at The Foot Hub. Our foot clinic in Alexandria can help you no matter how painful your ingrown toenail is.

If you require ingrown toenail surgery in Sydney, we’ll be gentle on your feet and make sure your toenail and toe heals well afterwards.

Book an appointment with a podiatrist at The Foot Hub today and say goodbye to your ingrown toenail!


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